Beach Themed Living Room Design

You may think that beach themed living room is rather unusual. It is always possible to take this idea for real when you know how to arrange the details. Before you list the stuff that you want to bring into the living room, it will be safe to measure the room first. Small size living room will most likely only support less room detail. It is also important to consider the room shape. Irregular room shape will give you a challenge. Imbalance setup will only make the room overcrowded at one side. You need to be careful when you use any fixed pattern carpet or wallpaper. Poor cutting will ruin the view. To limit this kind of problem, there are two ways. The first is using limited fit in size carpet or wallpaper pattern. You can use color filler to neutralize the gap. For the filler color, you can use contrast color or gradual color choice. Black and white or any dark and light color will be one of the options.

If you do not want to have sharp color application, you can have color gradation as the filler. The second is arranging the placement. For the carpet with pattern, you can use it as part of the center attention of the living room. You can use plain color carpet for the rest of the living room. Since you want to have beach theme applied, you can have the sand color for the carpet. You can also use the same sand color or choosing light blue for the wall.

Interior Details for Beach Theme Living Room

Once you deal with the room dimension and possible main color play, it will be the time to consider the living room with beach theme detail. For the basic, putting pictures or poster of beach or any beach-based sport will be common detail. If you want to have more than flat detail, you can bring in an aquarium. Sea based fish will let you to strengthen the bond with the sea. If you think that sea water fish is too much to maintain, you can bring in the fresh water fish.

Another detail that you can bring is the sea star. You can have the artificial or real sea star for the wall decoration. You can enrich the detail by putting sea shell or any other sea rock. For more aggressive accent, the great white shark will be a nice addition. Custom made 3D head of the shark head will be a nice detail that you can have for the living room. Alternatively, you can also bring in full collection of movies in DVD about shark and other sea monster.

Certain movie actually has great poster. You can frame the poster and use it to strengthen the cool beach living room theme. If you love to surf, putting a surf board in the living room is a great idea. This will work best when you really have enough room space to begin with. To find the best place to put the surf board, you need to take your view right from the door of the living room. If you feel that such spot perfectly accommodate the surfboard, you can keep in on that spot. On the contrary, you may need to keep the board out of the living room when you think that room has become too crowded visually.

More Ideas for You

Those who expect to have more than generic beach themed room may want to do some extra works. Adjustment for the window is worth to take. You can install custom made window that imitate a ship window. The classic option usually set ion round shape. Another accent that you can bring in is the life jacket. To make sure that the living room will not have too much ship based interior, you can take ship wreckage scene on the movie as the inspiration. You can left out the wreck feature and keep potential color and stuff combination. An old radio will be a useful addition for the theme. You can search for it on garage sale or e-bay. To put the theme further, having a song with beach association will be the next thing. With all of these, you can make sure that your living room will have more than just common beach theme applied.

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