Easy Ways to Add Mid-Century Modern Style Homes

It may be the year of 2022, but sometime many homeowners are taking modern style homes back in time by pulling of the ingenuous architectural designs of the 1950s. For a couple of reasons, homeowners are going to the real estate market and hunting for unique mid-century modern style homes. A lot of these homeowners the main reason is simple which is living in the mass-produced society has affected you to crave custom-made and unique designs. These are a couple of ways to take your home back in time.

Bring back the wood

Nowadays, most of furniture is made of pressed wood which has been engineered. It is better for you to use real wood to take the center stage through the high quality furnishings of the 1950s. These mid-century gems have clean lines of teak, oak, walnut and rosewood. For some people, hunting for these old pieces looks like too much work. There are a couple of modern-made replicas that can be found which similar these elements. You have to be pleased with the increasing demand of this design movement; a couple of retailers are using this trend by providing cheap furnishings that match to this style. Clean lines and contemporary wood furniture are the most important things to mid century modern style homes.


If you love your current house but you want to add a couple of marvels from mid-century character to your home, you have to consider hiring a design architect that can help you with some remodeling. In order to get the open and airy floor plan which a mid-century home would boast, it is great to eliminate the walls when done by a competent team of builders and designers. You can also hire someone to design a huge floor to ceiling fireplace which is made of natural stone. Or you can add a couple of simple things such as adding mirror to your kitchen backsplash or on the wall in your living room.

Apply your lights properly

Check out at any mid-century modern style homes and you will be amazed by modern marvels which are dangling from the ceilings or lighting up sleek side tables. Unique pendant lights and fixtures are pieces of sculptural art and very functional. You have to remember that mid-century is not a style that you can match so you do not have to find lamp sets for your home.

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