Mediterranean Style Homes Architecture

Mediterranean style homes are known for stucco finishes and tiled roofs which are mostly found in places with Spanish histories and warm climates. Mediterranean style homes are influenced from Italy, Portugal, Spain and other countries around Mediterranean region. This architectural style can be found around the world in home building. Mediterranean style homes architecture in North America, which was very popular from 1918 to 1940, is inspired by the haciendas in the Spanish New World with […]

Tips for Southern Style Homes

When you hear the term southern style homes architecture, a couple of visual elements will probably pop into your head such as wraparound porches which is inspired by antebellum with rocking chairs and lazy swings; towering Greek columns; Victorian embellishments such as grand balustrades and eclectic gingerbread; stained and leaded glass windows and whimsical wrought iron gates. Meanwhile, if you want to sell the property, a couple of prospective buyers […]

Easy Ways to Add Mid-Century Modern Style Homes

It may be the year of 2022, but sometime many homeowners are taking modern style homes back in time by pulling of the ingenuous architectural designs of the 1950s. For a couple of reasons, homeowners are going to the real estate market and hunting for unique mid-century modern style homes. A lot of these homeowners the main reason is simple which is living in the mass-produced society has affected you […]

How to Create Cottage Style Homes

Cottage style homes that you can see today offer more comfortable, easier living and a couple of wide range of decorating selections than any other style. That is why cottage style homes are American favorite. Cottage style homes reconcile easily your special preference. Cottage style homes are forgiving and personal unlike more edited decorating styles. It is up to you to mix old and new, inexpensive and rare and simple […]

Farmhouse Style Homes Architecture

Farmhouse style homes are a term which is usually used more often to explain the function. You just have to simply put homes built on agricultural lands which were called farmhouse style homes. These farmhouse style homes were designed out of necessity in order to protect the inhabitants who work on the farm of who own the farm. The Design of Farmhouse The design of farmhouse style homes which are […]

How to Landscape Ranch Style Homes

Ranch style homes are a combination of the prairie-style which has been designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Spanish Hacienda. The original ranch style homes were designed by Cliff May and were built in 1932 in San Diego, California. There are a couple of characteristic features of the ranch style homes such as gable roof, horizontal layout and multiple large windows. Ranch style homes, also called ranchers, were designed […]