Farmhouse Style Homes Architecture

Farmhouse style homes are a term which is usually used more often to explain the function. You just have to simply put homes built on agricultural lands which were called farmhouse style homes. These farmhouse style homes were designed out of necessity in order to protect the inhabitants who work on the farm of who own the farm.

The Design of Farmhouse

The design of farmhouse style homes which are also called folk houses were influenced by geography. The style has been evolved from the characteristics of the people; place, materials and climate which are available in the certain region were they were located. The pioneer of the farmhouse style homes which you can call a true farmhouse was built by early colonial families of the 1700s. The owners of the farmhouse would likely have designed the homes themselves because they did not want to hire an architect to do the job.

The materials became possible to be transported from elsewhere once the railroads could travel cross-country by the mid 19th century. The door was opened for the farmhouse to take on a couple of difference personalities.

A couple of houses that may have been built by stone, mud or logs could now be built by using lumber, brick, and quarried stone. Because a lot of people with the same backgrounds were lived together, for example German immigrants, might have masonry skills. So the houses in that region would have more brick than in other regions. The farmhouse style homes were a very practical style of house.

Another unique fact that increased because of this new accessibility to materials is that the wealthier landowner sometime adopted the style which was famous at the time. This is why so often find a couple of home which is listed with double monikers. Two of these styles, most of them were built in the mid to late 1800s and the early 1900s, which can still be seen mostly along the East Cost and along the Midwest. Farmhouse style homes in early 1900s, for example, had a long wraparound porch which is completed with Queen Anne posts and railings are preferred to as a Queen Anne farmhouse. The farmhouse with the Greek columns famous in the mid-1800s may be called as a Greek revival farmhouse. The bottom line of the characteristic of farmhouse is that the farmhouse style homes were always functional, straightforward and unpretentious.

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