Mediterranean Style Homes Architecture

Mediterranean style homes are known for stucco finishes and tiled roofs which are mostly found in places with Spanish histories and warm climates. Mediterranean style homes are influenced from Italy, Portugal, Spain and other countries around Mediterranean region. This architectural style can be found around the world in home building.

Mediterranean style homes architecture in North America, which was very popular from 1918 to 1940, is inspired by the haciendas in the Spanish New World with those red tile roofs, plaster and arches made rough to resemble plastered adobe. A lot of homes in Florida and California having Spanish histories were built in this style.

Over the years, Mediterranean style architecture flourished from European countries such as Greece, Italy, France and the Balkans to other areas. Asian countries such as Lebanon, Cypress and Turkey joined North African countries such as Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia in the adoption of this style.

The elements of the architecture

Nowadays, many ornate homes which combine architectural elements from any of those countries are called Mediterranean or Neo-Mediterranean because of the composite cultural influences from those countries. Many houses may feature stucco finishes, terraces or courtyards, balconies, porticos or a couple of elements which have been inspired by Mediterranean style homes.

In the 1920s and 1930s, a couple of Hollywood movies had romantic Mediterranean sets and celebrity magazines presented a couple of Hollywood biggest stars living in Spanish Colonial, Tudor or small houses which looked like castle, creating the best period for construction of Mediterranean homes.

After World War II, the popularity of the Mediterranean style homes has been decreased and the emphasis moved to simple stucco tract housing. Mediterranean style homes started to gain popularity again in the 1960s. Mediterranean style homes can be found across the United States of America which have climates like Mediterranean such as in Florida, California and Southern States.

Important Elements

Stucco walls: Exterior wall surfaces can be protected by a stucco finish from rain, hot temperatures and sunlight which are common in Mediterranean climates.

Red tiled roof: This roof copied those of Mexican and Spanish style homes which were designed from bricks and pots and it was shaped like a half tube in order to shed water easily.

Arches: This feature can be found in Roman times. This feature is one of the key elements which allows building of lighter weight and sturdier walls.

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