10 Interior Designs With Ceiling Decorating Ideas

Monotonous spaces can be caused by many factors, but one of them is because of the shape of the ceiling are less in tune with the concept and design of the building. Flat ceilings became attention a lot of people when they are bored with the interior design of their home. The shape of the ceiling is essentially influenced by some factors such as the concept of the building, the interior space, materials for ceilings, design, ceiling height and size of the room. For a more stylish new look, you can create unique and beautiful decorations on the ceiling of your home. It will make a big change and make a boring space more alive. You can also create a special decoration for celebrations such as wedding ceremonies or festivities. Many ceiling decorating ideas that you can apply to the ceiling of your home.

Three Basic Form of Ceiling

To help you choose ceiling, you should determine in advance the basic form. There are three basic forms of the ceiling. First, follow the shape of the roof truss. In this way, the space under the ceiling look more spacious, and there are two types of forms, shed and cathedral. Cathedral is the form for a triangle roof trusses and sheds for the roof incline. Second, dome, dome ceiling give an accent to the Arch of the ceiling with a mural. This form gives the impression that the House is not geometric. Third, suspended ceiling or flat ceilings. This has been hanging a frame and attached the lid material. This form is typically used in conventional ceiling. More of this modified into shape or curved ceilings.

Ceiling Decorating Ideas For Weddings

Next we will discuss the ceiling decorating ideas for wedding. You know that decorating the dining table at a wedding reception is not enough. If you want to make a splash and add some visual interest above the dance floor and on the desk is a look at some fantastic ceiling decorating ideas for parties. The lights are becoming very popular in the last few years. However, because everyone is doing it, it feels a little stale. If you want to get a different interior look, you should get a unique chandelier. Vintage girly curlicue chandelier with retro cool edges can be a bit of a goth when painted in flat black. They gave the French boudoir talent by dress up them with strings of beads and presenting them with black striped tablecloths and pink color.

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