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The bedroom is a place where you rest to refresh yourself for another day. For some people sleeping in the dark is quite a challenge while other can sleep just fine. A Bedside table lamp in the bedroom can be used for people who find sleeping in the dark difficult while it can also be used for other purposes. Some people have a habit to read their favorite novel or surfing through the internet from their tablet or smartphone catching up to the latest news before bedtime. A bedside table lamp can be quite useful for this kind of situation. Reading in a room lack of lighting will deteriorate the eyesight, while tablets and smartphone have a backlighting on their own using them in the dark will also results in eyesight deterioration. Having a bedside table lamp is like having a friend you can trust especially during the night. Have you ever thought about choosing thing perfect bedside table lamp for your bedroom? Bedside table lamps come in varying sizes, starting from the little ones to the much bigger ones. Those table lamps also come in different shapes and different illumination. Before you hastily decide on the bedside table lamps you want for your bedroom, take a quick look on our simple tips to consider when choosing the perfect bedside table lamps for your bedroom.


The bedside table lamps come in varying sizes. What makes the size matters are the bedside table where it will sit on later on, and its proportion towards the room. As the name suggests, the bedside table lamps will sit on the bedside table. A bedside table is a small table or perhaps a small cupboard beside the bed. The size of the bedside table lamp obviously cannot be bigger than the bedside table it will sit on. If your bedside table does not have any drawers, you might want to have smaller size table lamps to go with your bedside table. These smaller size table lamps will allow extra space on your table for you to put your favorite novel, tablets, smartphone, or things that you might use before bedtime. This extra space will lessen the chances of you accidentally knock the table lamps when you put those things in your bedside table. If you already have a bedside table lamp that is big enough to fit all those things including the table lamps then, you are free to try different sizes.


Deciding on the shape of bedside table lamps is based on these things. The first thing that matters is the theme of your bedroom. The theme of your bedroom influenced greatly on picking the perfect bedside table lamp for the bedroom. If you have a Greek styled bedroom, a modern futuristic shaped table lamp might be a mismatch. Try to match the table lamp you are purchasing with the theme of your bedroom. This process of purchasing the correct table lamp matching with certain themes is an easy thing to do. In the market, there are already plenty models from different manufacturers to pick from. This abundant amount of options available will ease your way to your perfect bedside table lamp.
If colors are included in this section bedside table lamp shapes. We might also add that just like how bedroom theme influence the shape of your table lamp, the color theme of your room also influence the color for your table lamp. It does not mean that the color of your table lamps must be in the same color with the color of your wall. Well, it can be in the same color with your walls but you can also use contrasting colors from the wall to balance out the color. For example, if you have a sky themed bedroom which features a sky blue colored wall you can use white as the color for your table lamp. This white table lamp will balance out the sky blue color.

A table lamp is meant for an illumination for the bedroom so choosing the correct illumination will allow it to do its job while also can enhance mood. There are plenty options on the illumination, as for the lamp you can choose from a LED, CFL lamps, or a conventional light bulb. If you are a type of person that always seeks a way to be more energy-efficient a LED and CFL lamps are the perfect choice. Other than the advantage of being more energy-efficient these kinds of lamps also lasts longer than a conventional light bulb. The advantage of a conventional light bulb is that they emit much warmer color temperatures. This warm color temperature tends to set a soothing mood to the environment. This soothing mood works perfectly for a bedroom where the main activity there is to relax. As for reading purposes they work just perfect. Since the table lamp will also provide extra lighting for those who are uncomfortable sleeping in the dark, the table lamp will be lit through the night. This prolonged use of table lamp will add another consideration. When you decided to buy a table lamp, make sure that the table lamp is well insulated and have good cable quality. Bad insulation and cable quality will lead to a short circuit or fire which can be very dangerous. Never hesitate to ask the shop clerk regarding this, if you are unfamiliar with electricity stuff.


Choosing the perfect bedside table lamp might sound a bit challenging. We hope that after you read our brief tips on how to choose the perfect bedside table lamp these challenges are bit lifted off your shoulder. The suggestion we provided here is meant to be used for reference you don’t have to follow each suggestion we gave. As long that you like how a bedside table lamp looks like perhaps it is the perfect table lamp for you. We know that the possibility of picking the perfect bedside table lamp is infinite; there are still many possibilities to be explored. So don’t hesitate found your perfect bedside table lamp.

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