Romantic Duck Egg Blue Bedroom Ideas

You are planning to have your bedroom redecorated to your partner’s favorite color which is blue. You want to please your partner by having a blue themed color as the theme of the bedroom. In the same time, you are torn between giving something that your partner wants, but in your mind a blue colored bedroom does not radiate a romantic aura. Why not try to accomplish not only giving a color themed bedroom that your partner likes and having a room that radiates a romantic aura. What you need to do is to have a duck egg colored bedroom. The softer colored blue found in a duck egg blue is the right color for your bedroom. If you are in line with us with our color choices then, you might be interested in our romantic duck egg blue bedroom ideas. Here we will give short, comprehensive ideas to have the perfect romantic duck egg blue bedroom.

Introducing The Color

Our color theme of the day is the duck egg blue, which is a much washed down blue resulting in a color resembling the color of a duck egg shell. This color should be introduced in the bedroom. There are plenty ways on how to introduce this color to the bedroom, and one way is through the walls. There are two ways of coloring the wall with duck egg blue color; the first one is through painting, and the second one is through the use of wallpaper. Both methods have their pros and cons. The first advantage of using paint to introduce the color is that a paint requires less preparation time compared when you decide to use wallpaper. The second advantage is using paint is more amateur friendly, bad usage of wallpaper may cost a fortune to fix and to resupply the paper. Though the wallpaper sounds it has many disadvantages, the wallpaper wins by a slope when it comes to personalization. Printed wallpapers are easily available in stores, and some of them can be customized personally to our liking. This printed wallpaper can increase the romantic aura by adding some illustration or pattern to the wall other than the duck egg blue color. If the same thing is attempted through the use of paint, it will take much more time, and not everyone is a wizard with the paintbrush. In short paint offers less preparation time and is less expensive to the wallpaper, but it came short when it came to personalization. In the end, it is your choice that one to use whether it will be through paint or wallpaper.

Speaking of personalization, the aim of personalization is to add more attachment to the bedroom. We can attain this through decorating the wall with patterned wallpapers or through freehand painting. As a partner you understand what your partner favorite thing is, and this thing can be used as the pattern of your wallpaper, or you can draw it freehand on the wall using the paint. For example, you can order wallpaper with images of your partners’ favorite flower as the pattern, or you can freehand draw a sketch of your partner on the wall. Through this personalization, there will be an increased attachment to the bedroom and with that also the romantic mood.

We already introduced the color duck egg blue through the wall coloring, now it is time to balance out the color. The reason behind balancing the color is because a single dominating color in the room is a bit boring. If you like the idea of balancing the color, here is our suggestion on balancing the color. In our opinion, the color white and beige works perfectly with duck egg blue. For an instance, you can apply the white as the color of your curtain while beige as the color of your bed sheet. You can also balance the bedroom color through furniture, by a good placement of the furniture you can balance out the color. Try to put the furniture near the edge of the room to provide color separation to duck egg blue wall. With our suggestion of balancing the duck egg blue color with the use of other color and furniture, your bedroom should look less boring by now.

Add Some Lighting to Improve the Mood

Now that you have introduced romantic aura to the room through colors, what to do next is to add some lighting to improve the mood. Your room might look fabulous during the day when there is sunlight to provide the lighting. This might be a different case when sunlight ceased to provide the lighting during the evening. You probably already have a lighting installed to provide lighting during the night, but a bad placement of the lighting may have less impact on the romantic mood. Try to distribute the lighting evenly across the room, while putting some extra effect lamps on certain spots like beside the bedpost. To increase the mood you may also install a dimmer to enable the light to dim at will. This ability to dim at will is a plus when you want to have a romantic moment with your partner.

The Closing

Here we are at the end of our brief ideas on a romantic duck egg blue bedroom. Our idea on a duck egg blue bedroom is a romantic and cozy bedroom, where you can enjoy your romantic moments while can be cozy enough to be at during any time of the day. Of course, we couldn’t cover all the possibilities of how the bedroom can be done, since the limit of how the bedroom can be done is based on each imagination. The ideas we served here on a romantic duck egg blue is a starting point where you can start on. We did not mean that you must follow our ideas blindly, in truth we suggest for you to go crazy with you own ideas for the room. Your ideas to the room will enrich the romantic feel of the bedroom by a lot since you really know what the concept of romantic is for you and your partner.

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