Mission Style Bedroom Furniture

There is one key thing to define mission style bedroom furniture, and this thing is simplicity. Every room in a house or apartment has its lifestyle, and people may choose to decorate each room according to this lifestyle. In the bedroom, there are more things to do than sleeping: it is the place of waking up in a beautiful morning and the place where a book may be read in the evening. Because of this and many other reasons, having the proper ambiance is a must. This ambiance can be created by combining different furniture patterns with accessories that fit these patterns and with the use of natural colors and lights.

Reasons for Choosing Mission Style

If simplicity is something that characterizes a person’s overall lifestyle, decorating the bedroom where this individual is sleeping should be simplistic. The mission style came out in the nineteenth century, when Americans became bored of the same Victorian style furnishings and wanted a simpler way to decorate their homes. They got inspired from British styles and mixed them with the American designs to obtain a unique approach. Mission style bedroom furniture helps people avoid clutter and maintain a relaxed atmosphere in their bedrooms.

Mission style bedroom furniture is usually made of oak, but other types of wood can work as well. In the nineteen century, the furniture had this design for some specific reasons. One of them was durability. This design of furniture was made to last, and this is a great advantage for its modern users as well.

How to Choose from The Variety of Colors and Shapes

The mission style is known for its flat panels and straight vertical lines. There are two types of designs to choose from: designs that use the same pattern for all the pieces of the furniture and designs that are more creative. For bedrooms, mission style can be found in pieces of furniture like beds, headboards, side tables, recliners, dressers, etc.

A nice combination of patterns can be this one: choosing an oak dresser or one made of fruitwood, a headboard with Southwest influences, matching side tables in Amish style, a Prairie style bench at the foot of the bed and a mission style recliner featuring leather seating and a wooden frame. A floor lamp can be added too, preferably a Tiffany style lamp.

The usual color palette of mission style bedroom furniture is earth tone, neutral and monochromatic. Natural tones like dark gray, burgundy, gold, pine green, hunter green, muted rose, bold red, bright yellow, turquoise and sky blue are the best to choose. The furniture has the nuances of nature and works perfectly with the view that people get at their bedroom windows. The best color to use on the walls can be one of the gray-green variations that resemble dried leaves. Other colors to use for the floor and other items in your bedroom are yellow, white, lavender and cranberry. Wood flooring can be another awesome addition to the ambiance.

Accessories and Lighting

For making the mission style bedroom furniture look even better, people can use various metal accessories. If the bedroom belongs to a couple, the two partners can use a framed picture of them as decoration. Those who want to use air conditioning systems and heaters should get systems that are designed in mission style. Any art can be used on the walls if it has wooden frames or decorations.

The use of Tiffany style glass shades can provide the proper lighting to the bedroom. Bronze decorated lamps can be used for both sides of the bed. Those who like diffused lighting coming from the ceiling could install a yellow dome. The ideal mission style bedroom is a combination of the right furniture, nice accessories to complement the furniture and the proper use of colors, lights and shades.


In essence, mission style bedroom furniture is any furniture from the nineteenth century that has straight lines and flat panels. This style was like a fresh mouth of air for Americans of that time. Decorating a bedroom with this type of furniture can help people create a relaxed and simple environment for a pleasant sleep. Those who want to acquire furniture like this can go to a woodworking shop, but thy can also order online.

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