Zen Bedrooms Memory Foam Mattress Review

Having a sound sleep is necessary because the better you can enjoy your sleep, the more refreshed your body and mind will be when you wake up and the healthier you are. To enjoy a deep and peaceful sleep, you have to make sure that you are using the right mattress. There are various types of mattress, but the best of them at the present time is memory foam mattress. There are various memory foam mattress products that you can buy. If you expect a very sound sleep, you should read this zen bedrooms memory foam mattress review because it will tell you about the best memory foam mattress that is available today.

Why Should You Choose This Memory Foam Mattress?

There are several advantages that you can reap if you lie on this memory foam mattress when you are sleeping.
1. It aligns your neck and spine and prevents you from suffering back pain and discomfort.
One feature that makes this memory foam mattress a preferable option is its ability to mold to the contour of your body. As a result, when you lie on it, there will be imaginary straight horizontal line extending from your neck to the end of your spine. This excellent sleeping position will help you achieve total comfort and avoid discomfort and pain.
2. It maintains perfect sleeping position until you wake up.
One of many reasons why you cannot enjoy deep and peaceful sleep is because you have to wake up in the middle of the night just to change your sleeping positions and to achieve comfort. This will not happen if you sleep on this mattress because your position has already been perfect since the first time you lie on it. The mattress’s ability to align your body will further keep that perfect position intact until you wake up. You will not experience unnecessary turning and tossing anymore.
3. It always maintains perfect temperature.
When the temperature is hot and you lie on the mattress, it will feel cool and refreshing. And in the middle of the night when your body needs more heat, the mattress will release it for you. The mattress’s ability to regulate the temperature of your body is one powerful feature that makes it a desirable option.
4. It is a perfect option for people who suffer allergies.
All materials used to manufacture the mattress are hypoallergenic materials. Besides, its ability to resist mites and bacteria and to prevent them from growing inside it further enhances the hypoallergenic characteristic of this mattress.
5. It is a valuable investment.
When you read zen bedrooms memory foam mattress reviews, you will mostly know that the price of memory foam ranges from few hundreds of $150 to about $8500, making this mattress an expensive one. However, despite its high price, the mattress you buy is considered a valuable investment because it will last for at least 10 years. Imagine that you will be able to enjoy deep and peaceful sleep for at least one decade.

Variants and Prices

As said earlier, the price of a memory foam mattress ranges from few hundreds of dollars to more than $8000. If you want to buy this mattress, you should know that compared to other memory foam mattress products, zen bedrooms mattress is considered relatively cheap. To buy a twin-size mattress, you only have to pay $1,400. Other variants that you can buy are full-size mattress, which is tagged at $1,500; queen-size mattress, tagged at $1,600; and king-size mattress, tagged at $1,700. You can have the most comfortable memory foam mattress to sleep on with less than $2,000.

How to Choose the Right Mattress for You

When you want to buy the mattress, you have to decide how dense and how firm your mattress will be. There are two factors that determine the density and the firmness of the mattress. The first is foam density, which indicates the weight of the foam, and the second is ILD or indentation load deflection rating. If you want a durable mattress, consider buying one with high density foam. If you prefer a mattress that allows you to conveniently move when you lie on it, you should buy one with low density foam instead. When you buy Zen bedrooms mattress, its foam weight is about 3lbs, which provides a perfect balance between durability and comfort.

ILD rating also determines how firm your mattress is. Firmer mattresses have higher ILD rating. ILD rating at 6 to 10 indicates that the mattress is soft whereas ILD rating at 16+ indicates that the mattress is firm. Zen bedrooms mattress generally has ILD rating at 13, which makes it a relatively firm mattress that still feels soft.
To learn more about those two factors, consult the mattress vendor. The vendor can help you choose the right mattress for you.

How to Deal with Odor When You First Use This Mattress

When you read zen bedrooms memory foam mattress review, you will know that the biggest complaint that customers report when buying a memory foam mattress is that the mattress emits off gassing odor. You may also perceive this annoying odor when you use Zen bedrooms memory foam mattress for the first time. However, you don’t have to worry about the odor because it will disappear very soon. If you want the odor to disappear sooner, try to air out the mattress for a couple of days.

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