The Difference Between the Style of Colonial and Traditional Homes

It is very simple to find the difference between the style of colonial and traditional homes. Traditional home style is a broader term which has many styles such as Colonial while Colonial refers to a certain type of style. Colonial architecture and interior decorating are influenced by the architecture and decoration of the Colonial era in America which has been spanned more than 300 years ago and it ended in the early to mid 1800s. A couple of traditional homes styles that fall under a traditional label have a couple of unique and timeless designs which are completed with historical roots.

Colonial Architecture Characteristics

Colonial homes are symmetrical which have a centered front door and a couple of typical windows on every side. A couple of windows which are showing on the front on the home is nine which are divided into a couple of parts; two on every side of the door, two windows above the first story windows directly on the second story and one above the door. This kind of home has a central chimney or one on every end of the house. In the interior of the home, a central stairway leads to upper bedrooms which are branching off from a central hallway. These characteristics of colonial architecture are typical of New England Colonial homes. There are a couple of variations which have been developed in different regions of the country based on the dominant culture in the area such as French Colonial, Dutch Colonial and Spanish Colonial.

Traditional Homes American Styles

Even though a couple of styles such as Craftsmen and Ranch seem to be the characteristic of all American lifestyle and can be reached throughout the heartland of America, you are still going to find European influences in the and especially any other style. They style of country homes include sub-styles such as Farmhouse, Cottage and Log or Lodge style homes. Another suburban home style which is suitable for large properties like New American borrows a couple of traditional colonial elements but equips asymmetrical facades and complex roof lines which are completed with a couple of gables in heights that will be varied like you find in Victorian-style homes.

Traditional European Styles

Traditional homes of European styles have been inspired from a couple of different regions, countries, and time periods in Europe. Mediterranean style has a couple of influences from a couple of countries which are bordering the Mediterranean Sea like France, Italy and Spain.

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