Guide to Choose LED Lights for Homes

LED lights for homes can save energy up to 90% if you compare to traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs. LED light also has a vastly superior life span if you compare to a traditional bulb with 10,000 hours versus 1,000 hours. Even if you compare LED light with the older CFL low energy lighting, there are huge differences. For example, if you flick on the light switch, full illumination will be instantly offered by LED light while CFL will still be warming up. LED lighting can also produce the range of different color temperatures and the light quality or color rendering. These are a couple of qualities that you can see in LED lighting.

Dissipates Heat Very Well

One of the important things that LED lighting has is the quality to dissipate heat. Unfortunately, the heat cannot be radiated away by LEDs, in the same way, incandescent bulb does. LEDs need to get the heat away from a heat sink that is normally located at the bottom of the bulb. If the heat sink does not finish the job correctly, LED will be overheated and most likely burnt out. The important thing to make sure that LED bulbs last longer is an efficient thermal management because a heat sink that is badly designed will be detrimental to the lifespan of the LED bulb. There is a couple of different designs of heat sinks, which is why the designs of LED light for homes changes a lot between brands. Ceramics or aluminum is the best designs for better LED lighting.

Chip Set

While heat dissipation is important, the chip is used to convert electricity into the light. More will be generated by a poor chip and will not last longer to life. Better bulbs that generate less heat and convert energy to light will use chips from better manufacturers. If you want to find the high-quality chip sets, you can try to use Bridgelux as world renowned for producing chipsets. These chipsets can be found in the Phillips Masters put LED bulbs that are one of the best LED bulbs that can be found in the market.

Power Driver

To make sure that the bulb operates and does not overheat optimally, the driver regulates the power entering the LEDs. This device will be found in the light switch or the fitting, in an MR16 because the bulb does not have an inbuilt driver. The recommended one that you have to consider is GU10s that have an inbuilt driver, and you do not need an external device. Even if you have to change the fitting, GU10 is still the best over the MR16.

Color Temperature

LED light for homes are available in many different colors if you compare to traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs that sometimes produce a warm white light. This thing is known as the color temperature of the bulb. You have to opt for warm or daylight colored bulb to replicate the color temperature that is produced from a halogen GU10.

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