Scandinavian Christmas Decorations Ideas

You can bring something fresh with Scandinavian Christmas decorations. If you have no idea where to start, the internet will give you number of points. You can use the search engine to find pictures with Scandinavian tag. It is interesting that the Christmas pictures most likely have two basic types. The first is the old and simple setup. For this style, you may find the fireplace as the common center of attention.

Alternatively, you may find the chandelier as another part for the Christmas theme style. Naturally, the fireplace lighting will allow you to get warm Christmas experience. Stone and wood will be another detail that you may find around the place. The second is modern and simple setup. To define modern style, you will find less shape and streamline details for the product. The sense of modern will also come with more light color application in the room. Putting brave color such as red and green will need careful placement. This is important because putting too much brave color may ruin the elegance and modern looks.

Handmade Scandinavian Décor

If you have free time, it is always possible to have handmade Scandinavian Christmas decor ideas. You can start the work on Scandinavian Christmas doll. For this purpose, you will need some material. For the head part, you can use the plastic ball in human skin color or simply make it from the sewed cloth. For the cloth based head part, there is no limit for the pattern. You can make it perfectly round or simply make it a little bit flat. The head detail that you need to take into consideration is the hat shape and pattern. It will be best to make a wooly hat for the head. Do not forget to add the long white or blonde braid hair for the girl doll. The simple hands, body and legs will be sufficient. However, you need to make sure that each part has the same color with the head part. If you want to apply different color, you may want to make colorful glove and shoes. For the dress part, you can make use plain white soft cloth as the material. You can apply red string or similar color that you pick for the hat. This kind of handmade doll is quite simple. For this reason, you can make the doll together with the kids. Another handmade Christmas decoration that you can make is paper based tree hanged decoration. For this idea, you need red paper.

You can put the circle pattern along with the hanging part. Once you done, you can cut the pattern. If you have the tool to make paper hole, you can elaborate the tool to make the combination for inside cutting part and the holes to shape the snow symbol. If making inside cutting pattern is too difficult, you can draw the pattern on white paper, cut the white paper and then use glue to stick the white paper. Alternatively, you can also have different color combination such as white background with gray pattern color. The snow pattern will be the basic option for Scandinavian design. No matter which handmade décor that you have, it will be best not to make the decoration too colorful. You have to make sure that simplicity is on the arrangement line.

Using Scandinavian Furniture and Color Scheme

For bigger Scandinavian Christmas decor details, you can take IKEA furniture as the interior detail. IKEA products have strong Scandinavian taste. Simplicity will be the common impression that you will get from the furniture. Easy installment will be the next thing. In this logic, you can keep the functionality along with the visual simplicity as part of your Scandinavian Christmas décor. However, IKEA is not the only thing that you have. If you want to bring something old with Scandinavian taste, using old 70’s or 80’s Scandinavian Christmas photos is worth to do. This will give you a good visual guide how to put the retro details. It is interesting that the color scheme in most of Scandinavian Christmas mainly have white color as dominant choice. This will be another symbolism for white Christmas. For this reason, it will be safe not to put too many color play for a real Scandinavian Christmas decoration.

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