Moroccan Themed Bedroom Bring Exotic Desert In Your Room

When you want a Morrocan theme bedroom, you might think about the Bedouin tent, desert tent or huddle image similar to a fantasy view of Aladin. Without the need to travel to North Africa, you can enjoy the theme of Morocco in your bedroom. You can create a theme of Morocco with some ideas and furniture. There are several key elements to making the theme of exotic Morocco. Proper color selection, the use of fabric and the selection of pieces of furniture is the key to the success of the theme designer sleeping in Morocco to you. The most common colors found in this theme can be described as a spicy, warm and jewel-toned. Deep reddish orange is very commonly used, but there is a sapphire blue, saffron yellow and magenta. One of the most recognized aspect in Morocco is the use of fabric. If you want to be closer to the authentic and then use a cloth is a must. Satin silk curtains, throws and elegantly draped in fabric lounge chairs are great ideas.

Morrocan Theme Bedroom Furniture

This type of furniture for the Moroccan themes varies widely. From the start the bed or mattress to rest on the floor until the larger beds on elevated platforms complete with canopy. If you want to replace the furniture that you currently have, consider a canopy nets to hang over the head of your bed. This accessory you can find in most bedding stores with prices less than fifty dollars. Guaranteed it will add exotic style to your bedroom. You can complete the look with some pieces that are placed properly. Add some seat cushions for added authenticity and create a place to relax. Lamps and candles are also an important part of Morocco.

Wall Color And Window Treatment

You also still have to be concerned about some of the accent decorations like wall color, accessories, window treatments, and other decorative components. Each component will contribute to each other to create the perfect Morocco theme. Wall color also require special attention. Paint colors for this design is a mix of bright jewels and rich earth tones. Deep jewel tones for walls and deep warm to trim it or doorstep. Bedding materials such as velvet and satin solid color are important material for your Morrocan theme bedroom ideas. And keep in mind about window treatments, window treatments that are used for the theme of Morocco must be long and flowing. For accessories, use wood decor, metal wall candle lanterns, vases and pottery, and carpets or bright. Place them in a beautiful layout until the overall effect and appearance.

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