Modern Black, White and Red Bedroom Design Ideas

The bedroom is the most private room in the house which cannot be entered by anyone. A bedroom is a sweet escape after our long day. Even though the main function of a bedroom is, for sure, a place to sleep, a bedroom can also be a place for you to do additional activities such as watching TV, reading, listening to the music and many more. You will yearn for your bedroom as the best place to escape and relax from the busy world after a long day of working, studying and having a social life. Hence, your bedroom needs to be designed as well as possible. And of course, it should be comfortable yet you should love the way it looks since you will spend a third of your life in your bedroom (well, mostly for sleeping!)

There are a lot of ways to design your beloved bedroom. Everyone has their taste in decorating their room. So, here is no limit to it! There are many designs to choose from; classic, vintage, contemporary to modern designs. Modern design is chosen by a lot of people as their bedroom’s designs nowadays. One of the reasons is because modern design emphasizes on functionality and simplicity. In modern bedroom designs, simple-styled furniture and minimalist decorations are chosen to maximize the use of the room and make the space look more spacious. Moreover, black, white and red are the most common colors chosen in this design. Black, white and red are a classic color combination that gives an elegant vibe. Moreover, vibrant red gives a pop of color to the chic black and white. It might look easy to decorate the room with modern design because of the minimalistic decorations. However, the biggest challenge is to make the room not flat and bland. Hence, this article will help you decorate your room in modern black, white and red design. So, roll up your sleeves to makeover your room based on these ideas!


Minimalistic color scheme is commonly used in modern design. Hence, neutral colors like black and white are normally seen in this style. The combination of those colors is used to give a modern feel to the room. Moreover, monochromatic color is the best thing to being used in the room. You can still use bright and bold colors like red as the accessories and decorations in the room as the accents.

If you like a warm atmosphere, you can use a bold color like red as your main color in your room. You can use two or three different shades of red in your bedroom to give more dimensions and variations. Use a red sheet on your bed with polish black or white davenport or furniture and red carpet on your room. You can also paint one side of your bedroom wall red and hang a painting or picture there. The red color on your bed and floor will add more life to your minimalist room. Use some soft brown wooden elements, such as wooden floor, cushion or table, to add more warmth to your room. Or, you can use black elements such as a black bedcover in contrast with your red sheet to give a sexy and elegant look.

Nevertheless, if you prefer a cooler atmosphere, you can use a combination of black and white as the main color in your room. You can use white davenport with black sheet or vice versa in your room. Black davenport, furniture and cabinet will give a chic and masculine feeling to the room. Moreover, if you want to paint your wall in black, just paint one side of the wall and give texture to that wall. Painting all of the walls black will only give a tighter looking room. Whereas, white davenport, furniture and cabinet will give a clean and elegant look in the room. Use red cushion or blanket to give more accents to the room.


One of the key elements of modern design lies on its furniture. Modern design uses sleek and smooth looking furniture. It means that the furniture should have a glossy appearance. You can pick furniture made from chrome, steel and black or white lacquered wood that have the gloss on it. These materials can reflect the light so your furniture will look sleek and smooth. Moreover, you must keep in mind that the furniture you pick should be as kept as rectangular as possible and have a straight lines and sharp angles. If you use rounder angles and softer edges for your furniture, it will cause your room to look less modern since rounder angles and softer edges are mostly used for classic and vintage design. The sharper the furniture, the better it will be for your room. It will make your room look simple yet stark. The sharp angles and rectangular shape show the modernism and deliver the modern design of your room. Another key is use contrast color between the bed sheet and the davenport. You can use a red bed sheet to give a contrast to your black davenport. You will see that the contrasting color will give an amazing depth to your room.


For flooring, use glossy-finish flooring such as linoleum floor or concrete and granite as the flooring material. On top of it, you can lay a rectangular carpet with a simple design. Instead of covering the whole floor with the carpet, you can use smaller carpet to show the floor. The smaller carpet allows the floor to show more and, by adding a carpet, and it gives a nice different texture on the floor. However, you should avoid using a heavy tinted and fancy pattern carpet since simplicity is the main point of modern design. Simple single color carpet will be the best carpet for your room. If you want to give a different pattern to your floor, you can choose a simple geometric pattern, such as chevron pattern, with simple color for your carpet.


To decorate your room, you can pick modern paintings or statement sculptures as the focal point in your minimalist room. These artworks will serve as the visual interest point in your simple room. If your furniture and bedding are commonly in one color, you can hang multicolor-modern paint. However, hanging too many paintings might not a good idea since it will make your room appear too crowded. Two or three paintings would be nice to be hanged on your wall, especially to be hanged on the wall that has different colors or texture from the other walls. You can also put one or two sculptures on top of your cabinet or nightstand, but it should be simple and monochromatic.

Overall, a bedroom is not only a place where you can sleep or rest, but it can be a place where you can express yourself. As stated before, you can decorate your room based on your taste. It is because, at the end, it is you who spend most of the time inside the bedroom. By using our idea Modern Black, White, and Red Bedroom Design Ideas, you can have a fresh start to redecorate your bedroom to a simple yet sophisticated-looking modern bedroom.

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