Kitchen Cupboard Hinges Types

There are various kitchen cupboard hinges in types and styles not to mention the functionality. Each of them can affect the performance of the cabinet beside it may deliver differences in overall appearance. From the versatile options of hinges, they allow the owner to choose the right option and get the great quality of the kitchen cupboard itself. Knowing the types of cabinet door will be helpful in determining the right choice for the hinges. Besides that, there are some other aspects to understand including the door overlay, the way of the hinge to mount as well the special feature of the hinge itself. Since, we talk about the function and performance, we should consider as wise as we can so the kitchen cupboard can perform for long term that means one of the money-saving methods.

The Types of Cupboard Door Overlay

There are several cupboard door hinge types to know. First is what known as overlay door in which as its name that the door size is larger than the opening. Second is full inset door in which between the opening and the door fits each other and flush with the surface of the cupboard. Third is the different version of inset door that is partial inset as its name there is a part overlay the opening and another part is inset into the opening. The fourth is offset door in which the hinge is surface mounted and all is visible. Those hinges correspond with different types of cupboard and we can understand for two basic cupboard options which are face-frame and frameless. The cabinet types are also important in choosing the suitable one.

Knowing Styles and Hinge Mounted Way

There are two basic styles of hinge which are traditional or European hinge and both of them are categorized into more specific types. Traditional hinges consist of butt hinge as the most traditional type and sometimes needs a door mortise, adjustable mount butt hinge or also known as deluxe butt has elongated slots to mount, and knife hinge which has scissors-like shapes. European hinge is more modern and it is popular to apply for frameless cupboard, therefore, this frameless type sometimes also called Euro-style cupboard. Besides the hinge style, the hinge mount way also essential, and they consist of surface-mount, mortised and without mortise. The surface-mount is simple just by mounting to the surface. Like its name, mortised requires a top hole and the without mortise is just like surface mount yet it directly screw to the door.

Things to Know in Choosing the Hinge for Kitchen Cupboard

After knowing those several things about hinges, now we are going to discuss some consideration in choosing the correct hinge for the kitchen cupboard. First, define the type of cupboard. Second, determine the cupboard door overlay, style, and the mounting way are the next considerations. The next is the degree of opening that deals with how far the door will open. The last is the special feature which may be provided by the hinge such as self-opening, self- closing or soft-closing system. Those all are essentials for choosing the correct hinge type for the kitchen cabinet.

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