Choosing Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Stairs

Whether you are planning to opt for twin over full bunk bed with stairs or the kinds that come with mini workshop underneath, you must place the matter of safety in the highest lists of priorities when it comes to levelled beds such as bunk beds. Not only there are so many cases of injury associated with people falling off from the higher level of bunk bed that happen to adults, but even worse, there are also similar danger associated with little children sleeping on it, with most of the cases happen because of additional challenges concerning over-exuberant kids and their “exciting” playtimes. Oh, you know, just little children’s thing. Well, for that matter, it gets even more important to choose bunk beds that are safe in many aspects; be it for adults or children alike. Read some of these simple guidelines in choosing safe bunk beds so that you would not have to lose your calm when children are in the bunk beds or when you are sleeping on it, for every one hour or so.

Choosing Safe and Comfortable Bunk Beds

Aside from comfort and style, safety should come first when it comes to narrowing down your options regarding bunk beds. Especially if the bunk beds are intended for the use of children, parents or older guardian in duty need to consider many things that are directly related to the safety and comfort aspects of bunk beds. Whether in playtime or bedtime, you would want your children to be safe at any time when they are using their bunk beds. For starters, consider the people who are going to use the bed. Is it for children below six years old or is it for older children? After that based your decision accordingly, along with other considerations that would be explained in later section.

Guideline for Safety when Choosing Bunk Beds

The first means to ensure the safety of your bunk bed is by checking all the equipment related to it. Even though they are obviously a fun choice for many children, but as responsible adults, you must take into account about some safety precautions. The first is by taking inventory about the safety measures of the bunk bed of your choice. Especially since bunk beds are designed in levels, ladders are amongst the first thing you need to check. You would want the ladder connecting the lower level to the upper level to be sturdy and durable. You also need to ensure that it is properly attached to the bed in order to lessen the potential injury that your children might suffer from climbing onto it.

Also, check other things such as guardrails, heights and the sturdiness of the bed itself, by trying to shake the construction; is it wobbly or firmly held in place? You also need to consider the children’s appropriate age for bunk bed ownership. It is not suggested for children under the age of six to sleep on bunk beds. Last but not least, always perform a regular maintenance to your bunk beds, as, like other furniture, they are also prone to be worn out and torn in one way or another.

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