Decorative String Lights for Bedroom

Decorative string lights for bedroom use can be turned into a personal statement when you take advantage of them to give your bedroom a new lease of life in these winter months. The following five DIY ideas should set your creative juices flowing so that you turn your bedroom into a celebration of everything that is unique about you.

1. Light Up Your Bed Canopy

Decorative string lights for bedroom enhancement can become a thing of beauty and style when you use them to bring light to the canopy of your bed. What you need to do to achieve this effect is to make icicle lights in your favorite color (although white has the most dramatic effect on the canopy). The lights on the string can then be made to hang downwards at varying levels from the canopy so that when you flip the switch on, the whole bed takes on a very romantic hue that will tantalize your senses.

2. Put Lights In Your Favorite Teddy Bear

Do you have a teddy bear that you have had close to you for several years? That is the perfect item to electrify with decorative string lights in your bedroom.It may seem cruel to you at first, but cutting a way through which to pass string lights all around the teddy bear will yield huge dividends when you flip the light switch on and see how your teddy bear is literary “glowing” as a result of the lights within it. Try it for yourself, and you will be glad you implemented this idea. In case you don’t have a teddy bear, use any stuffed animal you can find. Remember to patch up the entry point of your lights!

3. Design Your Headboard With Lights

You can make your bedroom more romantic by designing your very own headboard from materials that can easily be bought at any store. All you will need for this are translucent poly-carbonate panels, a wooden frame, paint as well as decorative string lights. Once you have made the frame and added crossbeams to it, drill holes through which you will string the lights. Once the lights are in place, put the translucent panels over them and then paint the frame in your favorite color, such as pink.The headboard will now be ready for use. Turning on the switch of the decorative lights will brighten your bedroom and give it an overall romantic atmosphere that you will enjoy.

4. Make a Bedroom Rug Out of Lights

Decorative string lights for bedroom use can be made more dramatic by making a rug out of them. For this, you will need a very long string with lights. It is this line that you will crochet into a circular pattern until it gets to the size that you want. Once this size has been achieved, you can test run your handiwork by removing the main bedroom light and then switching on the lights in your new rug. The floor will immediately light up and provide the kind of dim light that is very soothing to have in your bedroom once you go to rest.

5. Make Your Bedroom Mirror More Spectacular

If you have a mirror in your bedroom and that mirror comes in an intricate shape (such as being pentagon-shaped with each side of the pentagon curving inwards), you can make that mirror even more breathtaking by draping it with decorative string lights. Those lights will enhance that unique shape, making the mirror more glamorous. I am sure you will take a little longer every time you look at yourself in that mirror!

As you can see, there is no shortage of creative ways by which decorative string lights for bedroom use can be added to your bedroom. The five Do-It-Yourself ideas in the discussion above should give you all the inspiration you need to come up with even more brilliant ideas regarding how your bedroom can be made more beautiful. Try them out, and it is very possible that as you do so, many more ways to tweak those ideas will come to you, and the net result will be your very own brand new idea. Since your bedroom is your very own private space, you need not worry about what others will think of your invention. As long as it pleases you, go for it!

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