Swedish Christmas Decorations Guide

If white Christmas is going to be the next thing that you have this year, it will be best to consider more on Swedish Christmas decorations. Swedish décor has many details that you can use for unique white Christmas. You can start it by taking search on online website that sell Swedish based Christmas décor. You may find the stuff both in affordable or costly price tag. For affordable stuff, you can take the one in small dimension at most. You may find numbers of paper-based design for the Christmas tree hanging décor. It is also possible to get the product made of the pine tree dry fruit. For bigger stuff such as the furniture, the cost may vary. The wood species will let you have different durability and price tag. It is also important to pick a real Swedish furniture style. You may hear how often people will tell you about IKEA. However, having such big brand for the next Christmas décor is not necessary. You can always choose something with practical functionality and minimalistic design to meet with common Swedish style.

Iconic Swedish Decoration Character

Learning about some iconic decoration character from Sweden is useful. You can use tomte as one of the ideas. This character comes from Scandinavian folklore. It has close relation with winter and Christmas. The common knowledge said that it only 3 feet tall with long beard and colorful dress. In Swedish, this character considered as Santa local version. Apart from the traditional folklore, you may find that tomte may come as old woman or in pairs. This part of creativity will give you more design idea for the Christmas tree. It is important to keep red for the dress and the hat color. For the hair, you can pick black, grey and even white. Just lik mentioned before, it is also possible to find it in pair. To differentiate the gender, the braided long hair will be sufficient.

The Goat or Julbock will be the other character that you will find for Swedish Christmas. The goat has long history back in 1800s before most people in Sweden learn about Santa Claus. For the goat, it is common to have it made of straw. It is possible to soften the texture using wool string with hardened basic skeleton made of wire. Another alternate character for the goat is the pig. The tomte usually ride on the pig. Therefore, when it is come as doll, you may have it as complete set of tomte on a pig bringing the Christmas present pose.

Mature Swedish Interior Decoration for Christmas

Tomte and friends will be suitable to bring joy for children. Such cute characters may not become the first choice when you aim for mature Christmas interior detail. For Swedish Christmas décor, you can make use the local made plate. You can take “Kurbits” as one of traditional pattern that you can choose. You may find this pattern in different alternative details. For the generic hint, this pattern is consisting of floral folk pattern. White will be the background color for the plate and the pattern usually come in single color such as black, red, green or blue only. Since Kurbits come around 1720s, a visit to the museum or any antique shop may give you a help.

Since you will utilize the plate for decorative details, it is important to make sure that you have proper shelves for the plates. It is important to make sure that you make the plate visually match with the interior Christmas décor. Another detail that you can use is Kosta Boda works. The Swedish glass work will let you arrange unique vases, coffee table and candleholder special for Christmas. Since white Christmas naturally will be cold, having a cup of coffee will be the natural option along with sitting near the fireplace. With proper arrangement on the table, you will have special interior value with Swedish coffee mug with Kurbit pattern. Apart from small details from the plate, coffee mug or other food and beverage utensil, it is also important to consider the lighting for the room. Soft white light is all that you need. It is also worth to take Swedish paper star lantern as part of the interior. To make sure that the lighting is supporting each other, it is important to make sure that the lantern will have white based color illumination.

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