6 Stunning Garage Bike Storage Ideas

The storage problem has always been the main issue in any home decor. Especially if you have a small room. A garage as a storage area, perhaps only a few square meters that are only fit for storing cars and motorcycles. What about your bike. The bike also requires storage space to keep it safe and secure properly. Bike storage can be a challenge, especially in a small garage. Of course, you’ll need to find a garage bike storage ideas so that your problem is resolved. When designing a bicycle storage in the garage you need some creative ideas, especially how you should keep them groomed, easily accessible and secure. Fortunately, you can get some ideas by reading our articles below. Don’t miss to keep reading and following tips from us.

Bike Rack

The following are some garage bicycle storage ideas that perhaps you can do. Normal storage solutions for the garage is a closet shelf and help solve your problems quiet space is limited. To maximize storage in a small garage, you need imagination and think outside the box. One creative solution was to utilize existing space like floor, ceiling and walls to store your bike. Most people just think utilize floorboards and ignore the ceiling and walls. While this solution helps the use of most of the space, make use of the garage ceiling and walls with the help of garage bike rack ideas. Bike shelves available in various options such as raising the horizontal or wall mount option. The importance of this bicycle rack that not only do they keep your bike remains secure, but that they helped you to get organized with very little investment.

Some Options

One of the flaws in the garage space are things starting to accumulate and clutter that just leave little room for other items to maneuver. But once you’ve use your creative ideas are all become memories. The mess in the garage will be completed if you appreciate every space you have. You can use any bicycle garage shelves that allow you mount your bike on the wall or allow you to hoist on the ceiling above. Maybe you can try garage mount that attaches to the wall or floor area garage that provides a simple solution for your bike. It is available in two different designs and ball mount design. Another solution is the saver’s garage to store your bicycle in confined spaces. This design is unique and allows space savings by giving an option that allow you to be a better bike parked side by side or opposite. It also has security features to prevent bikes to scratch when placed side by side and check the shelves of slipping.

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