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A kitchen would not be complete without the presence of table top. This part of the kitchen not only give the look of beautiful, but also very functional as a working base. The important thing to note is today the health becoming the major issue in public life, because a lot of dangerous small creatures that are invisible to our eyes. Therefore, the selection of materials for table top should also be considered against the hygienic problem. It is placed on the top of floor cabinet, making it a convenient place for dispensing and cutting food. In fact, even the hot pot was placed on the top of it. It needs materials that have the last long quality. Maybe you can take a look at the corian rain cloud.

The Advantages

Corian is the name of solid surface material that was created over 40 years ago by El du Pont de Nemours and Company, known today as DuPont. DuPont discovered a new and advanced method for the mixture of natural minerals and resin of pure acrylic, makes it an ideal surface. The material is widely used as a tabletop / benchtop. Corian rain cloud is one of the creative kitchen designs that has solid surface and unique quality. Because this is not a natural stone, Corian easily found anywhere, in any colors pattern styles. Varied choice of natural colors such as brown beige or gray, white and black that are widely used for minimalist design. Also available in solid colors such as gold or purple, and other options in total more than 100 colors. In addition to color, the homeowner can choose the shape and grain size – sand, gravel, marble, granite – all of this available. It is important to know the advantages of corian and the comparisons with natural stone. In addition to the nn-porous and stain resistant, the material is also smooth and easy to clean. Sometimes it can be scratched but it can be fixed easily. Another advantages of Corian solid surface such as the resistance of any stain because the dirt will not seep on corian, hygienic; bacteria can not grow on the surface because the tightness of the surface, easy to maintain, seamless, durable and easily repaired, eco-friendly.

Process and installation of these materials in the kitchen is also quite easy, as it only uses the engine / orginary carpentry tools. This is possible, because the material is flexible and solid surface material is not as hard as the original granite. This characteristic also make it easy to be processed into three-dimensional that the designer creations. In fact, this shapes can be curved up to 40 cm in diameter. Because of that the function can be more diverse, not only as a table top but also wall panels, counter table, column coating, sinks, washtafel, and bathtub can be made with corian rain cloud. To make it into a sink or washtafel that has concave side and does not have a corner of the rectangle, corian sheet is cut and spliced using special glue. What makes it special, the connection between the material is invisible or seamless and smooth as if fused with each other into a design creation and beautiful. The same principle is used to shape a variety of other objects as you wish.

Despite having a myrad of advantages, it turns out corian rain cloud also has some drawbacks. In addition to its strength is still inferior to natural granite, resistance of scratches somewhat reduced if in long term usage. However, that does not mean the display of kitchen, in this case is the table top, will be dull forever and no longer beautiful if not replaced. You can re-polishing it and the color will be returned as new again. The cost of re-polishing is around 150.000/ m2. Instead, re-polishing is done as part of the treatment process and should be done regularly every 6 months – 1 years although the surface is not scratched. The daily maintenance is very easy. Simply wipe the surface with a clean cloth after usage.

Disadvantages do not make corian rain cloud left behind by the customers. Various advantages still make it increasingly popular these days. However, the consumer should be careful in choosing the product of corian. Because not all the product have a good standard quality.

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