Queen Bed Frame with Storage and Headboard

Having a large bedroom equipped with a comfy queen sized bed is a dream for most homeowners. Today having a queen sized bed let alone a large bedroom are only readily available for them loaded with money. If you want to have a room that can accommodate a queen sized bed while still leave enough space to move around what you have to do is to maximize your available space. The question is how to maximize the available space in your bedroom to accommodate a queen size bed? Perhaps in most of your bedrooms back home will include a bed, cupboard, and maybe a study desk. Well, most of the bedrooms usually has that furniture cramped there.

Have you ever think to squeeze this furniture into one unity so that it can perform two or more of the intended function? What we meant here is that you can actually combine your bed with a cupboard. If you notice your bed must have a huge space beneath the cushion. This space can be utilized as a replacement for a cupboard and with that you can store stuffs there. By eliminating the need for a cupboard instead using a bed equipped with a storage will leave you some extra space which usually occupied by the cupboard. If you are interested in maximizing your bedroom space by having a bed that also functions as storage then we have some suggestions for you to begin with it. Here we will give you suggestions on purchasing a Queen Bed frame with storage and headboard.


First of all we will discuss about the frame for your queen bed. The frame for you queen bed is the most important factor of your first consideration in buying your own queen bed. The frame here will decide the dimension of your bed, which in turn also affects on how big the storage room would be. A standard queen bed dimension is 153 cm x 203 cm, which will accommodate approximately two adults. This dimension is only the size of the cushion, while you will need to add a bit extra centimeters to add borders of the cushion to secure them in place. While we list the standard size of a queen bed here, the actual dimension can be varied depending on supply. One thing you should have in mind is the size of your bedroom itself since you can’t just drop the bed into 2 x 2 m sized room.

If you have decided on the dimension of your queen bed, now it is time to pick the material for your queen bed frame. There are many options for your material for the queen bed frame. The most common material for a bed frame is the wood, while there is also metal and plastic queen bed frame. Each material has their merits while also have their flaws. The wooden queen bed frame is heavier than metal or the plastic ones, if you are the type that moves their furniture often to change moods than wooden queen bed frame isn’t the right choice for you. The wooden frame merits come in their ease in the aesthetic side the material speaks class. As for the durability any material for your queen bed frame will work just fine, just take note that the bed will also perform as storage so it will have moving parts.


Since your queen bed frame will also perform as storage, you will also need to consider how this function implemented into the bed frame. There are many ways on how this function implemented into the bed frame. One of them is to add a drawing mechanism on the queen bed frame. This drawing mechanism will allow your bed frame to have drawers just like in a cupboard. You can store things on this drawer just like your store things on your cupboard. You can create the drawers so it can be pulled sideways or you can pull it on both sides. To replace a cupboard you might want to have a safe in your queen bed frame storage. Implementing a safe on the queen bed frame storage isn’t as hard as it looks. As long as you nail the materials for the frame right it will be a walk in the park. In this case you might want to have a metal queen bed frame to accommodate the extra added weight from the safe. This is why picking the frame is the first thing you must consider, while ways on implementing the storage function to the queen bed frame is only limited by your imagination.


A bed isn’t complete without the headboard. A headboard is a complementary piece of a bed which attaches at the head of a bed. This headboard was meant to isolate sleepers from wind drafts and cold in less insulated buildings. The material for this headboard is made from a wood. A wood is chosen here because it is less thermally conductive compared to other materials. You can pick any shapes of headboard to meet your taste, but here we will try to add some spice into how to pick a headboard. In Feng Shui a headboard is one way to introduce positive chi energy. This positive chi energy will makes you energized and empowers you. Based on the Feng Shui a good queen bed frame headboard is made from a wood, just like how the wood is less thermally inductive the wood material will introduce warmth in your daily life. A good headboard must also have a solid form; there shouldn’t be any openings on the headboard as any openings on the headboard will let positive energy flow right over you. The last thing is a good headboard should have a soft silhouette, sharp edges or corners in a headboard indicates disharmony that you might want to avoid.


By reading our tips on a queen bed frame with storage and headboard to maximize the space in your bedroom, we hope you already have a clear idea in your mind on what to do for your first step. We hope that our little idea on a queen bed frame with storage and headboard will help you a lot.

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