Black and White Kitchen Curtains – Change Kitchen Look

If you have a plain-looking kitchen, you can choose the right kitchen decor accessories which would bring a new atmosphere in your kitchen. Black and white kitchen curtains are one such decor accessory giving a simple look, yet proven it can quickly transform your kitchen to more beautiful. Despite being simple, these curtains will easily match with all sorts of kitchen themes. There is a wide variety of patterns and designs that will suit your kitchen window. These two colors are quite fitting for a modern theme. If you like your kitchen theme, but finding it lacking the vibe, adding black and white curtains to the theme will fit well into the overall décor of your kitchen. White cabinets, white walls, and a black counter plus black and white kitchen curtain would be the perfect blend for your kitchen decor.

Things To Consider

Before you start putting black and white kitchen curtains in your kitchen, consider some of the following: first, decide on fabrics and patterns that you will choose. Curtain fabric needs to match the desired colors and mood of your kitchen. Single color fabric will provide the best result to your kitchen. If you want a modern feel, then look for black and white stripes kitchen curtain. If you want to try the retro feel, choose draperies of fabrics having the feel of been used at olden times. Second, make sure that the kitchen towels, oven gloves and aprons to coordinate together. For having a match in an elegant way, play with the color of your curtain. Using white and black colors for the tablecloth will also contribute to the matching good look. Hang on a few pictures on the walls in the same theme. Black and white photographs and black frames will help you create the feel of harmony in your kitchen.

Stripes Style

Black and white stripes kitchen curtain is a growing trend in fashion window treatments. They add a splash of color (or lack of color!) to brighten your kitchen room decor. Bold striped drapes and curtains work well when they are the only strong patterns in the room. For example, other prints like polka dots and plaids will clash. Vertical stripes on the curtain will add to the illusion of height to make the window appear longer than they are. A simple two-tone pattern type looks good for stripe patterns than multi-colored striped pattern. Color and width of the stripes allow for more play in the selection of furniture and kitchen decor.

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