8 Eclectic Bathroom Vanities With Makeup Area

Bathroom space is a valuable asset especially if you only have a small bathroom. When it comes bathroom remodel, add bathroom vanities with a makeup area will be very profitable. Usually, this is equipped with a counter, sink and cabinet that allows you to store a variety of items including your makeup. Some are designed for two sinks or area of a larger table. Great design or double bathroom vanities will allow two people to use at once and reduce the waiting time. Bathroom vanities also offer more features at a small square feet. You can choose with contemporary design, traditional, glass or metal and wood. Bathroom vanity cabinet also features that you can use to store your makeup, linen, towels, hair tools, etc.

Double Bathroom Vanities

Sometimes in the bathroom remodel, we are constrained by their small space. For those of you who have one bathroom, certainly very busy every morning the wait queue in bathroom vanities to perform maintenance. Perhaps you need to think to choose larger vanity or choose double bathroom vanity. Double bathroom vanities with the makeup area allow you to have a larger area as a place to do the treatments together in the morning. This provides the most efficiency and has the same features with a single bathroom vanity. With a larger Cabinet and counter top, double bathroom vanities allow two people to use the space simultaneously.

Custom Bathroom Vanities

You can choose custom bathroom vanities with the make-up area. This is the bathroom vanities are designed to meet the specific needs of the customer. In the industry of bathroom vanities, it has experienced rapid growth and custom bathroom vanities is very known for its innovative and exciting. There is a custom bathroom vanities in the style of Queen Ann legs or curved skirt. Some have top granite, marble, or glass tops. You can also find the flat door panels or teak cabinets. They can come up with an unusual veneer including ash burl, Walnut burl and a zebra wood. You can choose the bathroom vanity that fits your needs. You should consider a few things because you need a special area to store your make up. Consider the space in vanity and cabinet will make it easy for you to specify the amount of space you need.

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